25 People Who Had Only One Job But Failed Miserably


Most workers today have monotonous boring jobs. They’re doing the same things over and over again every single day. It is easy to understand why people like that will get frustrated with their job and become careless resulting in hilarious typos on signs and senseless errors in manufacturing and deployment.

In this post we have collected the photos of the funniest errors made by people on the job.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

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  1. 1 Open 9 days a week. A very loooooong week.

  2. 2 The kids are in danger

  3. 3 Only for children

  4. 4 This is sinful


  5. 5 How do I wear these?

  6. 6 Looking for a one night stand?

  7. 7 Thank you Mcdonalds for your hard work and dedication...

  8. 8 Don't know what went in there

  9. 9 Sooo.... what's in the bag?

  10. 10 Saying hi to the moon

  11. 11 What's for dinner honey? Oh my favorite Children's Thighs!!

  12. 12 Looks quite manly

  13. 13 Free Drug Zone?

  14. 14 No swimming in the desert

  15. 15 I'm not sure about riding the bicycle down this path

  16. 16 Kudos to the architect

  17. 17 Not the regular kinda racing cars

  18. 18 Love the unique logo by Anthony

  19. 19 Find the baseball coach

  20. 20 If you says o

  21. 21 Trump is just another Obama

  22. 22 There is a "BMUP" ahead

  23. 23 That's your only chance

  24. 24 Nature has tricked me all these years

  25. 25 Would you wear them with a suit?

  26. 26 Can't ride them on regular roads

  27. 27 God bless the carpenter

  28. 28 Spoon, forks, its all the same

  29. 29 Try these Runts by Smarties

  30. 30 Gotta go in reverse gear

  31. 31 God help the kid that buys this

  32. 32 9 feet of wet


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