You Had One Job (30 New Photos)


Almost all of us endure the frustrating environment of monotonous boring jobs. And we’re not just talking about having to do the odd tedious little task. Everyone has to do that. We’re talking full-on, mind-numbing boredom that crushes your soul. Most workers have to do the same things over and over again every single day. Hence, they fail miserably in doing the only job they had. From hilarious typos on signs and senseless errors in manufacturing, there are a few people who mess up even the simplest tasks.


In this post, we have curated a list of the funniest errors made by people who had only one job but still failed hilariously. Scroll on to see them yourself and enjoy peeps. We bet you’ll be laughing out loud by the time you’ll reach the end. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who are clumsy enough to make similar blunders.

  1. 1 You had one job, man.

  2. 2 That guy looks like he's smoking some really strong stuff.

  3. 3 That's the city development for ya.

  4. 4


  5. 5 In what world are onions considered snacks.

  6. 6 The road painter must have had a pretty good last night.

  7. 7 Should've payed a little more attention in school I guess.

  8. 8 Should I use my telekinetic powers?

  9. 9 I guess we're supposed to install that ourselves.

  10. 10 How could someone mess up so bad.

  11. 11 What you get for ordering something from China.

  12. 12 When the guy who was supposed to make the presentation is really unreliable.

  13. 13 Minimum wage effort.

  14. 14 It must have been really difficult to make it so wrong.

  15. 15 Weirdest ice I've ever seen.

  16. 16 They should've give clearer instruction, I guess.

  17. 17 They should definitely get their money back.

  18. 18 I don't remember people having head there.

  19. 19 Drunk packaging machine.

  20. 20 That's what you get for rudely asking for extra ketchup.

  21. 21 That's not what I meant when I say go put these in the candy machine.

  22. 22 Straight into a brick wall like everything else.

  23. 23 Nald's McDo.

  24. 24 That's what you get for trying to be cheap.

  25. 25 That's something straight out of a cartoon.

  26. 26 That is a sin that can never be forgiven.

  27. 27 The guy who stocks the shelves wanted to cause a little anarchy.

  28. 28 Just closed would have been fine, too.

  29. 29 Go home, Jersey. You’re drunk.

  30. 30 I didn't want a salad but I guess I'll have one

  31. 31 I think they're a bunch of fakes.


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