20 Funny Cat Ninjas That are Sneaky AF


Anyone who has been a pet mom/dad to a cat can tell you what an adventure it is to have a cat. Waking up in the middle of the night, finding scratch marks on all your furniture and coming home to broken earphones and charges becomes a routine. 


In addition to many qualities, we can all agree that cats might as well be ninjas. If you don’t believe that, then I assure you that these 20 photos will convince you of that. 

  1. 1 I've watched too many Bruce Lee movies with my cat

  2. 2 The queen of camouflage

  3. 3 She scared me for a bit

  4. 4 Even dog's don't mess with my kitty


  5. 5 To the dark we shall return

  6. 6 He's still learning to hide..

  7. 7 My Christmas tree decorations are kinda lively

  8. 8 Me: How are you? --- Kitty: Just hanging in there..

  9. 9 Count the time you'll take to find my cat

  10. 10 He has mastered the art of hiding in close proximities

  11. 11 Almost invisible

  12. 12 This was creepy AF. I screamed!

  13. 13 Hunger games

  14. 14 What's up doc?

  15. 15 I couldn't find her for hours

  16. 16 Never knew my cat had a black belt

  17. 17 Spidercat

  18. 18 Bed time hide and seek

  19. 19 Don't find me hooman!

  20. 20 My cat has the hiding abilities of a Ninja Assasin!


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