30 WTF Sign Boards That Desperately Needs Explanation


What is the simple purpose of a sign board? It’s to make it easier for people to understand instructions and gather information within seconds.

As it turns out, people’s stupidity or in other words creativity around the world knows no bounds. This post contains all sorts of weird sign boards that seriously demand an explanation to make sense.


From misspellings to misprints, these sign boards are downright hilarious and they will make you go ROFL.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Describe yourself in a one liner

  2. 2 We'd have to disturb you with our services

  3. 3 When your girl's giving mixed signals

  4. 4 That's actually a thing


  5. 5 All others will be toad

  6. 6 Stating facts

  7. 7 Now that's a good deal

  8. 8 This isn't Jersey Shore

  9. 9 Any mathematicians out there?

  10. 10 I'd need an explanation for this one

  11. 11 Murderer's heaven

  12. 12 Cows are only for milking purposes

  13. 13 Ever worn a thong on your foot? This is your time

  14. 14 Do not trust the police

  15. 15 Give it your best shot

  16. 16 You just read it

  17. 17 Am I in a supernatural world?

  18. 18 Make sure you don't miss it

  19. 19 Post dinner warning

  20. 20 Heel breaking zone

  21. 21 Come back later

  22. 22 Acknowledge the sign

  23. 23 When the sign placement people try to be funny

  24. 24 Apart from this one

  25. 25 Time is money

  26. 26 The human race is mean af

  27. 27 Classify danger for me, please

  28. 28 Only use high quality drugs

  29. 29 Sign board done right!

  30. 30 Make up your mind

  31. 31 Confused much?

  32. 32 For all the PUBG players


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