30 WTF Russian Social Media Photos That Does Not Make Any Sense


Some things are so stupid, weird and ridiculous that upon seeing them WTF automatically pops out from our mouth. Today’s post is about such bizarre occurrences that we come across on Russian social media profiles.


Listed in this post are photos from 30 Russian social media profiles that are completely absurd. The people who posted these photos were either drunk or they’re just too crazy to care about anyone’s opinion. At least, that’s the only explanation that comes to mind to justify these hilariously senseless images. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Time to get some shuteye

  2. 2 Reminds me of a Pokemon character

  3. 3 The human mind is a never ending thread

  4. 4 You talking to me?


  5. 5 Wanna join the pool party?

  6. 6 Guess the gender

  7. 7 Calling God to ask about the reason for her stupidity

  8. 8 How I imagine Saturday nights while sitting at work on a Monday morning

  9. 9 There is no cure for dumbness

  10. 10 Toilets in Antarctica be like

  11. 11 Meet the new superhero duo, "The Underpants Girls"

  12. 12 Imma need more than this sweetheart

  13. 13 The Mermaid, in cinemas near you. Note: not safe for humans with a functioning brain.

  14. 14 People faking trips to the Middle East like

  15. 15 Small apartment diaries

  16. 16 Like mother like son

  17. 17 When your girlfriend is weird AF but you just wanna get laid so you go with the flow

  18. 18 With my boys D and Jason

  19. 19 When the makeup guy isn't paid on time

  20. 20 The only way to stay warm during Russian winter

  21. 21 I hope you get a girlfriend like this

  22. 22 Smoothness personified

  23. 23 Gotta clear just the final test before the wedding

  24. 24 **Insert feminist caption**

  25. 25 No, my friend, you haven't seen it all yet

  26. 26 Meet the noodle fairy


  27. 27 Why is the water's color so doubtful?

  28. 28 Russian fantasies start from the point where your imagination ends

  29. 29 Sleepover at my friend's place be like

  30. 30 It's a trap. I repeat, it's a trap!!


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