Worst Design Fails That Will Make You Laugh


Every now and then we come across some epic design fails, which are so silly that we cannot resist laughing at them. These design fails can be spotted anywhere, sometimes at the back of an ice cream truck or sometimes on more prominent warning symbols or billboards. But every time we look at them, it makes us wonder about the genius masterminds behind masterpieces. Listed here are 20 most absurd yet hilariously funny design fails that will rock your mind:

  1. 1 When your wedding sign is also a hint

  2. 2 I have no idea what this "M" is doing in my kid's school book

  3. 3 Oh George, what have you done?!

  4. 4 The Penis definitely mightier than The Sword!


  5. 5 How much for the grandchild?

  6. 6 Adult life in a picture..

  7. 7 Worst Design Ever. Period!

  8. 8 I don't want to see that exhaust pour out

  9. 9 When in doubt, Improvise!

  10. 10 I don't really wanna go to Kansas anymore..

  11. 11 The consequences of not getting a ticket are really harsh I must say

  12. 12 Smart thing to do unless you want a soccer team

  13. 13 "Turn Me On Yourself"

  14. 14 Singles only

  15. 15 What a pleasant shower of death

  16. 16 Don't donate FFS!

  17. 17 Someone's getting fired for this

  18. 18 Guns for EVERYONE! Literally!

  19. 19 Do it. Just do it!

  20. 20 Don't like your gender? Get your sex changed at Norseen..

  21. 21 And he thought no one will find out..


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