World’s Dumbest Ads


They say marketing is all about connecting to customers. True marketing creativity is delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time. It is all about capturing the consumer’s attention. However some people get carried away with their ideas, and in the pursuit of genius creativity, they end up making such dumb ads that we can’t help but question their sanity.


Following are 22 dumb ad designs that will definitely make you hysterical with laughter.  I couldn’t stop laughing at the 15th one: 

  1. 1 How bad do you need a moisturizer?!

  2. 2 Anywhere but the pool

  3. 3 Whose 'bright' idea was this?

  4. 4 "In through the back door"


  5. 5 You should definitely check that website out, the consequences don't seem pretty.

  6. 6 No, not racist at all

  7. 7 Why did this turn me on?

  8. 8 Just LE-GO

  9. 9 Dove is on a mission here..

  10. 10 This is an ad for instant fire catching coal. No offence to the bug though..

  11. 11 I'm glad they found out before it was too late

  12. 12 An unnecessary lesson on the importance of "hands"

  13. 13 Just Blow It!

  14. 14 Bite them before they bite you. Its an ad for an insect killer.

  15. 15 She doesn't seem to like the real you

  16. 16 Very Inappropriate for the occasion

  17. 17 Where is their store?! Need one of these myself

  18. 18 Pregnant with beer..

  19. 19 Who needs baby clothes when you have cellophane?

  20. 20 Right in the Feels!

  21. 21 Like.. not legal at all? Can you double check?

  22. 22 Wanna sell apartments? Let's shape it into a dog.. WTH people?!


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