Who Wore it Better (42 Photos)


Who wore it better” is a new emerging trend on the internet that shows people and celebrities looking like logos, objects, and ordinary things.

Who wore it better the polish bunny or the first lady? Who looks better Miley Cyrus or the party props? Is Barcelona football jersey style looks exactly like an Ice Popsicle? We really can’t pick. So, you be the judge and decide!


Listed in this post are 40 hilarious side by side comparisons of people versus the objects that their fashion statement resembles. These photos will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 The ex President would be offended

  2. 2 The left one must be softer

  3. 3 Polish bunny vs the first lady

  4. 4 Both go to the same hair guy


  5. 5 For the love of Oreos

  6. 6 Now you know where the designer got his inspiration

  7. 7 The traffic would stop for both

  8. 8 Homer is having the time of his life

  9. 9 Don't worry if you've got a cold, the tissue man is here

  10. 10 Do you love me time?

  11. 11 Miley often uses props like this

  12. 12 Multiple layers of being fancy

  13. 13 Following the same theme

  14. 14 Straight out of the oven

  15. 15 Great. Now I'm craving Smarties.

  16. 16 This person surely works at Dunlop Tyres

  17. 17 When you never skip leg day

  18. 18 Michelle's sense of dressing seems a bit off

  19. 19 That's what he said to the barber. Push em up!

  20. 20 Both are fancy and striking a pose.

  21. 21 Catching up with The Weekend

  22. 22 Straight outta Madagascar

  23. 23 The lady of your dreams

  24. 24 Barcelona couldn't have had better ideas

  25. 25 Mom, the cleaning lady is here

  26. 26 Making sure you travel in super style

  27. 27 It's a portable head wear

  28. 28 Rihana's surely following the Catholic ways

  29. 29 When you go really old school with dressing choices

  30. 30 A High Fashion Model or This Homeless Guy?

  31. 31 The shape of water

  32. 32 Who did it better?

  33. 33 I would hit a 3 pointer in that

  34. 34 Inspiration could be taken from anything

  35. 35 Separated at birth: London mayor Boris Johnson and Eric Cartman.

  36. 36 I bet you've visualized this before

  37. 37 A strong wind would ruin them

  38. 38 Does the color theme look familiar?

  39. 39 Kanye is using his childhood TV memories in fashion

  40. 40 God bless the beautiful

  41. 41 It's a total turn on

  42. 42 We've found him


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