Whimsical Disney Tattoos For Your Inner Princess


Let’s admit it, we’ve all been obsessed with Disney at one point or another. If you’re reading this, you’re definitely still in love with classical Disney stories. I have no shame in admitting that I absolutely adore Disney movies. You’ll still find me on the weekends enjoying a Disney marathon in my comfy PJs. 

Disney Characters have been an obsessions for us for many generations now. I spent my entire childhood fascinated by the lamp of the Aladdin. We have learned bravery, love, friendship and kindness from these amazing characters. They hold a special place in our heart. Some people are so obsessed with Disney that they take their love for Disney to the next level by getting Disney themed tattoos. 


Don’t be surprised if you see a 30 year old man with little mermaid tattooed on his arm. The world is full hard core fans of Disney who know no limits in expressing their love for these magical characters. Here are 20 adorable Disney tattoos for hard core Disney fans:



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