When Street Art Meets Mother Nature (35 Mind Blowing Photos)


Art surrounds us in many shapes and forms. It manifest in everything and everywhere. It is not just limited to the homes of artists, art collectors or even art galleries, you can find it anywhere. Some of the most beautiful pieces of art exist on the streets and when that street art meets Mother Nature., it results in mind-blowing art creations.


If you’re into street art, you’ll love this post. Here we have collected and posted some of our favorite photos of street art combined with Mother Nature. We bet these photos will surely mesmerize you. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with the artists in your list, they’ll love it.

  1. 1 Looking for a trim mate?

  2. 2 Guardian angel

  3. 3 Nature comes from within

  4. 4 When you hear someone call your name from behind


  5. 5 Guess the gender fo this wall

  6. 6 Reaching out on green pastures

  7. 7 Fly away

  8. 8 Hand picked flowers are the best

  9. 9 Pom Pom girls

  10. 10 The tropical gutter

  11. 11 Let me help you with that sir

  12. 12 A story of love and hunger

  13. 13 When the barber messes up your haircut

  14. 14 Gotta shave those pubes

  15. 15 Pablo got a makeover

  16. 16 Tiny efforts can make someone's day

  17. 17 What has the weather done to your skin?

  18. 18 Smokey eyes and hair tied up

  19. 19 Give me your flower

  20. 20 Feeding on the greens

  21. 21 What's in your head?

  22. 22 Finally escaped

  23. 23 It looks hungry

  24. 24 Time to sneak out

  25. 25 The gardener's son

  26. 26 I've got milky skin

  27. 27 When you ask the architect to design something

  28. 28 Just keep sailing through

  29. 29 The shining 2.0

  30. 30 Need more creatures like him

  31. 31 Keep it clean and green

  32. 32 Those eyes have hope

  33. 33 The mighty yet beautiful

  34. 34 Paint it green again

  35. 35 Mood changer on the road


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