30+ funny Photos Showing What Happens When Mommy is Away


Children are best left with their mommies.

All the dads who read this may be tempted to raise their eyebrows at this point, but you know we’re right daddies. You know what you do when mommy is away.

To prove our point, we’re going to share some hilarious dad and kid moments that will make you go ‘OMG ‘cause for heaven’s sake who does that to a kid!


Do you see what we meant by leaving the kids with the mommies? But we can’t help but admit that dad kid duo makes the best of memories. What is life without a little risk?

Enjoy these photos of picture perfect moments and thank us later for making your day.

  1. 1 Daddy's gotta live two lives

  2. 2 When you leave the child to the father

  3. 3 My friend is a new dad of twins. Here he is feeding one of them with this clever invention.

  4. 4 Marking my property


  5. 5 The kids wanted to have some fun time

  6. 6 The son of darkness

  7. 7 When You Have To Watch The Baby And Shovel Snow

  8. 8 That's my boy

  9. 9 Princess Leia is here

  10. 10 Go have a walk son

  11. 11 She wanted to look like daddy

  12. 12 Baby's day out

  13. 13 That's my kiddo

  14. 14 Starting from the top

  15. 15 Gaming and parenting

  16. 16 Lulled the folder...

  17. 17 Sent this to my wife and she says she's coming back

  18. 18 Take our picture daddy

  19. 19 Playing hide and seek

  20. 20 This is my ride

  21. 21 Vacations in Havana

  22. 22 I'm done with this

  23. 23 My ninja turtle

  24. 24 Couldn't think of anything else

  25. 25 I stole cookies

  26. 26 Our post breakfast ritual

  27. 27 The beast has finally been caged

  28. 28 Could this be more adorable?

  29. 29 Give me a pedicure seniora

  30. 30 The BBQ specialist

  31. 31 Leave the dish washing to me daddy

  32. 32 Where do I sleep?

  33. 33 That's a good son

  34. 34 Dads help the kids discover exciting new foods.

  35. 35 Father and daughter getting ice cream

  36. 36 My son asked his father to write "Batman" for him... this is why he isn't allowed to watch my kids.

  37. 37 The high life

  38. 38 I have her on a leash


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