When I Grow Up, I Want to Be (30 Funny Kids Answers)


When I was in Grade 3, we had to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I distinctly remember putting down “I want to be a doctor”.  I mean, that was a pretty grown-up ambition.  The funny thing about kids is that they see no limitations to what they could be – an artist, a ninja, a princess or even an airplane; in fact, if they really wanted, they could be all the things at once.


Time flies fast. Now, that we are all grown up, we realize our dreams were quite innocent at the time. You know only 6% of the population actually achieve their childhood dreams. That means that 94% of us either give up on them or pursue different ambitions or choice of work in our career. Though you can’t really change your decisions now right? So just chill out, and laugh the stress off by scrolling through our compiled list of 30 funny kids answers to this same question. Enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Her life, her rules

  2. 2 That's the most badass answer you could get from a 4 y/o

  3. 3 Well, that's the goal

  4. 4 Not "be like" Michael Jordan. He wants to be Michael Jordan!


  5. 5 Gotta give him full marks for the choice of uniform

  6. 6 At least she wants to be of some help

  7. 7 Don't we all want that?

  8. 8 I mean who doesn't want to be that?

  9. 9 Honest choice I must say

  10. 10 Cooking for Ninjas was has always been a life choice

  11. 11 Keeping your goals simple and easy

  12. 12 Everyone likes butts

  13. 13 This little guy wants to be "Burger King"

  14. 14 Mommy's the biggest inspiration

  15. 15 Keeping step goals

  16. 16 This kid is a romantic one I must say

  17. 17 Living the basic life

  18. 18 Because Tacos are life

  19. 19 Gabe wants to be "An Animal"

  20. 20 We've got an entrepreneur among us

  21. 21 There's a strong competition between Batman and Dora

  22. 22 Power Ranger is the career to be if you want fun in your life

  23. 23 Because he's got to put an end to Racism

  24. 24 Pretty productive

  25. 25 When you hate to workout from an early age

  26. 26 Reality Check

  27. 27 Because someone has to do that

  28. 28 I was an ambitious child.

  29. 29 I hope my 5 year old sister achieves her goals


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