What Would it Look Like if Animals Had Tinder?


As most of you are aware, Tinder is one of the most popular dating websites available today. We see all sorts of wacky tinder profiles in which people try to attract their potential partners by putting up all sorts of hilarious photos. 

Now imagine, what it would look like if instead of humans, animals were using tinder to attract their mates. They’ll probably show off their booty to the opposite sex to find the right match, and they’ll do it in a hilarious manner too. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos showing what it would be like if animals had tinder:

  1. 1 Yoga is Life

  2. 2 Only bald guys swipe right

  3. 3 I'm an Extrovert, And Sometimes an Introvert

  4. 4 One kiss is all we need


  5. 5 What a Pur-fect body I've got

  6. 6 How you doinn?

  7. 7 Love to hang around

  8. 8 Only cats above 1 ft in length can swipe right

  9. 9 Check out my "got the gal" face

  10. 10 Hey Sexy.... How You Doin'?!

  11. 11 Top Hobby: Working out

  12. 12 No hair down there sweety

  13. 13 I am a little shy. But here, check out ma humps!

  14. 14 They call me Miss Quackers

  15. 15 Mind hopping on?

  16. 16 I have always been single. And I am not lion about it..

  17. 17 Paw Five?!

  18. 18 Here, you may check it all before use

  19. 19 The pow-wow assana

  20. 20 Swipe right if you're in for Netflix and Chill

  21. 21 Follow my lead boys

  22. 22 I work out and I sleep. Aint got no time for dating and stuff.


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