30 Weird But Useful Life Hacks By Incredibly Creative and Crazy People


Creative geniuses exist all around us. They’re lazy, they’re wacky, and they solve problems! You’ll see them coming up with all sorts of hilarious hacks that solve everyday life problems in the minimal possible cost. Do you know people like that? Share this post with them to let them know you’re thinking about them.


In this post we have shared photos of creative life hacks by unrecognized creative geniuses. Awesome aren’t they? Start using these hacks to simplify your life, and don’t forget to share them with your friends and family! 

  1. 1 A hack for college students

  2. 2 No one will know your shoes have a couple of holes

  3. 3 Your cat refuses to look at?? Here's the solution!

  4. 4 It's not stupid if it works. Two dollar bumper buddies.


  5. 5 Finished eating your pizza? Use the box as a hat

  6. 6 A very useful hack for the cat owners

  7. 7 No shower head? No problem

  8. 8 Prevent a Locked-Down Work PC From Sleeping by putting your watch under the mouse. The moving clock hands will keep your PC from unwanted lockdowns.

  9. 9 If your chair doesn't have a cup holder ! whats the duct tape for ...

  10. 10 Hanged Christmas tree for lazybones

  11. 11 Turn a foot bench into a desk

  12. 12 If you need more storage hoodie is the best option

  13. 13 Crazy way to fix a mail box

  14. 14 looks like a lot of work to cut pizza?

  15. 15 DIY Pool

  16. 16 Mix up the right temperature of water

  17. 17 water sprayer on wheels!

  18. 18 Make a hot tub out of your old pool

  19. 19 Fill your water bottle halfway and store it in the freezer on its side for quick ice water.

  20. 20 Place your pasta in pringles container and it will never break

  21. 21 Dunk your Oreo with a fork and don’t get your fingers wet.

  22. 22 Have store hangers? make chip clips out of them.

  23. 23 Use the can opener as a cutter for plastic packing

  24. 24 Wrap a wet napkin around your beer and get nice cold beer in only a few minutes.

  25. 25 No need to worry about anything lets go on vacation

  26. 26 That's how you make hands free

  27. 27 self supported phone charger

  28. 28 Never again will I have to wonder which is left, which is right!

  29. 29 Don't have any pound coins for your trolley shopping? Use your house key instead.

  30. 30 Use a magnetic strip in a drawer to not lose your bobby pins.

  31. 31 Now the toothpaste has become immortal

  32. 32 Cut the top off a lemon then put it inside your computer and let the fans disperse the nice smell into your room


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