20+ Hilarious Valentine Design Fails


Valentine’s day is supposed to be a celebration of romance. However like almost all the other beautiful things in life, it has become extremely commercialized and it has lost its initial appeal.

As valentine’s day sets in, stores and businesses become overburdened with work to keep up with the increased demand of various items. This results in hilarious blunders in terms of both product placement and advert designs. The managers are too busy handling the customers to care about the ridiculous signs going up in their stores.


Resultantly we see hilarious design fails in various stores during Valentine’s day. Listed in this post are some of the most hilarious photos of Valentine’s day design fails.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Went a little too literal with this one

  2. 2 Have a meaty valentines day

  3. 3 Geddit?

  4. 4 Bringing both your wife and gf to the same restaurant on valentines day? Good idea!


  5. 5 Me at valentine's night

  6. 6 To all the single ladys out there, happy valentine!

  7. 7 Do not do it!

  8. 8 Meanwhile in Alabama...

  9. 9 Not quite the first gift I had in mind for Valentine's Day...

  10. 10 Wait say what?

  11. 11 Are crabs worth of being a valentine's present?

  12. 12 Do you love these little things?

  13. 13 They're rolling out the Valentine's Day stuff early at Target, but I don't think they really thought this one through.

  14. 14 I doubt your love's choice in gifts

  15. 15 This ought to get you a nuttin session

  16. 16 That's all we need

  17. 17 Only for gifting purposes

  18. 18 In case you wanna breakup on the special day

  19. 19 These "heart shaped" chocolates shall light up your love life

  20. 20 Heart or a semi circle?

  21. 21 You had one job!!

  22. 22 Chocolaty smooth, just like you

  23. 23 This would cause breakups in China

  24. 24 You're my happy owl

  25. 25 "I hope you see"

  26. 26 And it keeps flowing

  27. 27 Gift packages available...


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