30 Most Unusual Encounters That Will Arise a Lot of Questions in Your Mind


Some encounters are seriously so weird that you’re forced to wonder how they could have even happened. They’re absurd, senseless and sometimes unreal. Yet they happen, and they happen quite often. We’ve all seen them either on social media or in real life, and they’ve always made us curious.


In this post, we have listed up photos of such encounters to arouse your curiosity. Don’t miss the 25th picture, it will seriously blow you away. Is that plumber spider man or what? scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 When drank too much on Sunday night

  2. 2 Sunny outside, these blinds should help.

  3. 3 But how do they check it?

  4. 4 He really need to get his head out of the video games


  5. 5 1000 years of pain!!

  6. 6 How did he got that truck there?

  7. 7 How do they get down?

  8. 8 Beer is more important, right?

  9. 9 Something happened...

  10. 10 Modelling level 101..... I guess!

  11. 11 When you try cooking food in Antarctica at -94ºF

  12. 12 This man knows how to pack big

  13. 13 Just a little to the left

  14. 14 Is that supposed to work?

  15. 15 Ouuuccch!!!

  16. 16 What is the purpose of those zippers?

  17. 17 I took the perfect click of my friend

  18. 18 Get a dog they said, it will be fun they said

  19. 19 A true car lover

  20. 20 Safety first

  21. 21 Feeding the camera?

  22. 22 May be he like to recycle

  23. 23 Cheap birthday surprise

  24. 24 May be he drank too much tea at the tea party

  25. 25 He wants to match his sweater with the road

  26. 26 Beauty or beast?

  27. 27 Is that knitted baby supposed to be cute?

  28. 28 Glassblower playing jump rope with the molten hot glass

  29. 29 The perfect face swap dose exist...

  30. 30 I couldn't afford a new window so I just put some bars over it and put a dolls head inside.

  31. 31 Me welcoming people into my life

  32. 32 I live in a boat. My neighbor is into Yoga and Stand Up Paddling. This is what happens when you put the two together.


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