Unusual And Offbeat Portraits of Faces Pasted With Magazine Features


If you’ve a seeing eye for art, you’ll like the creative thought that went into creating the photos shared in this post. The photographers have cut out pictures from magazines and posted them onto real faces. The results are amazing photos with great depth; these pictures really speak a thousand words. Each picture is a testament of the creativity of the designers who designed these photos. 


The 8th picture is our favorite. It shows words really have power, they can turn into beautiful flowers that give life to the souls they touch. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 The beauty of expression

  2. 2 Be a little crazy everyday

  3. 3 It's not hard to smile

  4. 4 Your lips speak volumes about your feelings


  5. 5 Judge me by my teeth? You may proceed.

  6. 6 Putting up a new face each day

  7. 7 I've got my eyes on you

  8. 8 Red suits her

  9. 9 Who needs colors when you have grey

  10. 10 Is it me or she looks like terminator?

  11. 11 To me this photo shows a disproportional sample of a figure that could be the negative affects of cosmetic surgery.

  12. 12 You've gotta go deeper to find the story this face to tell

  13. 13 If Black Panther was white...

  14. 14 Short hair, don't care

  15. 15 Twisted!


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