30+ Photos Where Something Unexplainably Strange Happening


Some photos are just freaking weird. You can’t figure them out without knowing their backstory. But we don’t usually get a back story when we find a picture online. We just have to come up with our own explanations to make sense of things.


In this post we have listed all sorts of strange and weird photos that’ll make you curious about the chain of events that surrounded these photos. Don’t miss out on the 5th one that is just hilarious. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:


  1. 1 Is he the best man?

  2. 2 Thats a fishy handshake

  3. 3 When your girlfriend is cold

  4. 4 Whats going on here?


  5. 5 Face Cape

  6. 6 Thumbception

  7. 7 Having no pockets is not a problem for him

  8. 8 Paracetamol HTP 500 mg tablet? Just scoop me up fam

  9. 9 Anti theft solution

  10. 10 When it's summer vacation but you still have to work

  11. 11 The best place to get a haircut

  12. 12 He create his own trunk

  13. 13 Never be this much drunk

  14. 14 He never sleeps without his blanket

  15. 15 They found an alien on their roof

  16. 16 No one can beat assians

  17. 17 Cause getting a normal hair cut is too mainstream

  18. 18 When you cant get the reception

  19. 19 His head is literally boiling

  20. 20 Block of ice- I'm sure that's going to work out well

  21. 21 Whats with the thread on the ankle?

  22. 22 Inovative

  23. 23 Special Forces Fail

  24. 24 Modern designs

  25. 25 The stupidest sign you will read today

  26. 26 The awkwardest toilet

  27. 27 The type of the confidence I want in life

  28. 28 Atleast they will not get a ticket for not using the indicator

  29. 29 Iron Man

  30. 30 I am sure Oreos are better with milk

  31. 31 How are they breathing?

  32. 32 Businessman on a surfboard!

  33. 33 His date did not show up

  34. 34 Happy couple looking at the dog's a**

  35. 35 When you need to wear shorts

  36. 36 US Navy having fun

  37. 37 Half cat half demon


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