10+ Things That Look freakishly Similar


We all have counterparts every where. Our friends also see there counterparts in a street or in  a TV. Hilariously,other than humans, animals, and random objects also appear to have a great deal more in common than we would have thought!

Sometimes our likely counterparts even exist in the form of non living things like some eatables, fire hydrants etc.

Here is a collection of some funny situations where totally irrelevant things happen to look like each other. Scroll down to give yourself a dose of fun and let us know in the comments below, which things you think are more look alike.

Cat And Roasted Chicken

Justin Timberlake's And Instant Noodles

Baby And Dog

Owl And An Apple


This Roman Statue And Elvis

Puppy And A Teddy Bear



This Potato And A Seal

Phone Case And Her Outfit

Burj Khalifa and The Rip On Her Stocking

Dog And The Towel Under His Head

Candle Holder And Patrick Star

Fire Hydrant And This Boy

Chocolate Croissants And A Baby Sloth

This Piece Of Bacon And A Dolphin

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