30 Most Surprising Photos of the Human Barbie


It may or may not come as a surprise to you that many women (and men) are obsessed with barbie dolls. For some people, the obsession is so great that they undergo a series of cosmetic surgeries just so they can become a human look alike of barbie.

This post is about one such women Valeria Lukyanova who underwent a number of surgeries just so she could become a human doll.  Some people love the way she looks and carries herself, others criticize her decision to alter her body so drastically.


Love her or hate her, it’s her body and she’s free to do whatever she wants with it.

Scroll through these surprising images of Valeria and enjoy folks. You can learn more about her on her Facebook page.

  1. 1 Queen of the barbie world

  2. 2 Is that doll a gift of Christmas

  3. 3 A doll couple .

  4. 4 Barbie at beach .


  5. 5 The twin barbie .

  6. 6 How can someone be so perfect .

  7. 7 Ditto!

  8. 8 Wanna go to the beach?

  9. 9 selfie with perfection.

  10. 10 Maldives welcomes barbie .

  11. 11 Looks like a clip from a video game

  12. 12 Summer vibes are happy vibes

  13. 13 The dolls were never as hot as their real versions

  14. 14 The face she makes when you ask permission to go out with friends

  15. 15 Fancy Sunbathing?

  16. 16 Too real to not believe it

  17. 17 unbelievable but its a real human doll.

  18. 18 When snap chat filters takeover you

  19. 19 Vital stats to die for

  20. 20 Bar-buddies

  21. 21 Barbie heading to work

  22. 22 When you're a doll and nobody plays with you anymore

  23. 23 It's all in the eyes, Chico

  24. 24 Sunkissed

  25. 25 Outfit of the day

  26. 26 Girl's on Snapchat be like

  27. 27 The Magician's apprentice

  28. 28 The barbie asana

  29. 29 Raising the desert temperatures even more

  30. 30 Time to go for a walk in the garden


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