Try It They Said, It Will Work They Said (30 Photos)


They say necessity is the mother of invention and some people are able to think of nifty, yet crazy ideas easily when it comes to solving an annoying problem. These are the lazy comrades you’ll see coming up with all sorts of hilarious hacks that solve everyday life problems in the minimal possible cost.


Listed in this post are 30 photos of hilarious hacks that you won’t believe actually works until you give them a try. Whether they are brilliant or bogus, that’s for you to decide after you try them. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!  Don’t forget to share them with your friends and family as well!

  1. 1 Salvage doghouse: The beauty of this unattractive dog house is it's cheap and dogs don't know the difference because they're dogs.

  2. 2 I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across this

  3. 3 You've gotta be innovative to get high

  4. 4 Comfort was not the top priority in this design


  5. 5 A hand washing jar

  6. 6 Because pizza slices need to be perfectly

  7. 7 So I broke my glasses at school today and the lab guy gave me a quick fix

  8. 8 You can thank us later

  9. 9 When your boss literally doesn't want you to get off the seat for one minute

  10. 10 Because spring water keeps flowers as fresh as new

  11. 11 Where comfort comes first

  12. 12 Fixed *and* augmented with pirate rubber ducky

  13. 13 Comb made from a broken scale

  14. 14 What you should do with a shoe when you lose it's other counterpart

  15. 15 Dangerous yet innovative

  16. 16 Steaming done right

  17. 17 Gives the perfect score sound

  18. 18 For the love of Mercedes and food

  19. 19 Organized people come up with fixes like this

  20. 20 Want to take a nap in the garden? Here's the perfect place to do it

  21. 21 Only for humans under 1 year old

  22. 22 No one will know your shoes have a couple of holes

  23. 23 Camping in 100 degree heat? No problem

  24. 24 When your mechanics thinks of himself as a creator

  25. 25 Got myself this new pen holder

  26. 26 Guess what your birthday present is?

  27. 27 3310 is locked in there

  28. 28 Found another perfectly acceptable use for an umbrella!

  29. 29 My friend made a “custom” iPad stand

  30. 30 Best smartwatch ever!!

  31. 31 Desperate times...

  32. 32 When your hair stylist is more of an artist


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