Truth Behind Unrealistically “Perfect” Social Media Photos (30 Pics)


In these modern times, who isn’t guilty of scrolling through the news feeds of all social media influencers and feeling envious of their “perfect” life, right? We get the feeling that we’re seeing a world of fantasy where people have a perfect appearance, travel every day, eat only healthy food, and buy expensive clothes every week. However, trust us, folks! A perfect world such as this one doesn’t exist in reality, its mere fake methods to deceive others.  Things are never as good as they seem on someone’s social media profile.

Today’s Post is yet another hilarious post about how people love depicting themselves all perfect on social media, Only if the viewer’s knew about the real state of events.


Listed below are 30 perfect pictures along with “not so perfect realities” of social media. These people are definitely not cherry-picking only the best images, thoughts and experiences rather they portray truth behind unrealistically “perfect” social media photos. Some of these are quite hilarious. Keep scrolling peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 I know we see a lot of them, but they just make it so easy

  2. 2 Rainbow eye makeup zoomed out

  3. 3 What we see on Instagram vs the reality

  4. 4 Toasting to the Eiffel Tower requires steady hands


  5. 5 When the good dog decides not to be one

  6. 6 Lips fillers Insta vs Paparazzi

  7. 7 A wig and makeup can go a long way

  8. 8 You can either exercise or pose, there's no in between

  9. 9 Waking up for Instagram vs waking up normally

  10. 10 Melania Trump's official White House portrait

  11. 11 Instagrammers are ruining California's super bloom

  12. 12 A campaign photo for Good American. You’d expect photoshop, but possibly at a more professional level.

  13. 13 The difference a filter can make

  14. 14 I’m 29 and until I found this sub I thought the “no pore look” was just excellent makeup. I feel silly now, but also relieved

  15. 15 When your dog stays put for once

  16. 16 That's where the water comes from

  17. 17 The after effects of celebrations that you don't see

  18. 18 Belly fat can also be hidden without Photoshop

  19. 19 Animals also face after-shower problems

  20. 20 The power of makeup

  21. 21 Skin problems spare no one

  22. 22 Makeup artist highlights what Facetune really can do

  23. 23 Photos are only as good as an editor's skills

  24. 24 Her own Instagram vs tagged photo... it was untagged real quick

  25. 25 You can look as you wish on the Internet

  26. 26 Finally, after a thousand attempts...

  27. 27 Yeah looks legit (it was days apart btw so no sudden weight gain or a horrendous accident or anything lol just constant facetuning)

  28. 28 Social Media vs Reality

  29. 29 When you try to imitate something you saw on Instagram

  30. 30 Calf day was clearly not on the schedule.

  31. 31 Why people who saw you on Facebook can't recognize you in-person


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