Truth Behind Stunning Instagram Photos


There was a time when people used to have some privacy and people lived their lives the normal way and all their happy and sad moments were considered personal, it was supposed that it was nobody else’s business. Then came the 21st century. Many social media websites and apps were introduced. Most popular ones are Facebook, twitter and Instagram, These websites may have their positives but they have made life crazier. People only show the best view and best side of their lives to show off and to make other people think that their lives are somehow better than others, on the other hand people see good and beautiful (artificial) posts of other people and deep down inside they think that their lives are less meaningful and they are less successful than others. So in a way these social media websites have created a lot of anxiety and depression cases. It is seriously hilarious to see the absurd things that people will do just to take a good photo. 


Listed below are few examples that illustrate in a hilarious way that how people can portray quite a different angle than the actual state of things only to impress others. So scroll down peeps and see what really is the truth behind most of the stunning pictures on Instagram.

  1. 1 The real story isn't that pleasing

  2. 2 Let go of the imperfections

  3. 3 Gotta find the perfect shot

  4. 4 ** shouts ** Out of my way!!


  5. 5 Stealing someone else's moment

  6. 6 Everything's fair in love and photography

  7. 7 Just don't let the mess come on camera

  8. 8 Because there's no room for supporting roles on Instagram


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