Top 16 Most Funny Yet Motivating Quotes


In everyday life it is quite easy to lose sight of what you have and become ungrateful. If that happens to you then dont worry as everyone goes through that phase. However, when that phase does come, it is important not to let it get to you.
Motivational quotes are a good reminder of the blessings you have but sometimes reading them can be a bit dull and boring. So we have compiled 15 funny yet motivating quotes which will make you feel happy and content for sure. A few chuckles are an added bonus that you will get. Happy reading!

  1. 1 Smile if you have teeth!!

  2. 2 Run like hell!

  3. 3 Never give up!!

  4. 4 Don't take any chance!!


  5. 5 Fat panda!!

  6. 6 i got your back. LOL

  7. 7 Work is a necessary!!

  8. 8 Sometimes you just need a little fan to cheer you on.

  9. 9 They laugh at me!!

  10. 10 I believe in you!!

  11. 11 Never give up on your dreams Like this rhino!

  12. 12 Be Strong like this mouse!

  13. 13 Be like a postage stamp...

  14. 14 If you can believe in Santa, then you can also believe in yourself!

  15. 15 I'm Not Willy Wonks!

  16. 16 Just remember This.


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