This Talented Woman Incredibly Used Hijab to Transform Herself Into Iconic Cartoon Characters


Makeup is quite a powerful tool!  If you know your way around with makeup, then you can seriously transform into anyone you want.

Many artists have used striking colors and designs with the help of makeup to transform parts of their bodies in awe-inspiring creations. The self-described “comic geek,” Saraswati who goes by the name Queen of Luna on the internet, is no other exception. However, she uses her hijab as an integral part of each transformation which makes her stand out among the other crowd of artists. From popular Disney princesses to superhero/villain characters, she has shared hundreds of transformations on her Instagram, all using her hijab as a prop. With almost 412K followers Saraswati has been consistently blowing up social media with her artistic skills.


Scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from her collection and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

  1. 1 Miraculous Ladybug

  2. 2 Daria

  3. 3 Scar

  4. 4 Emily


  5. 5 Barbie

  6. 6 Daphne

  7. 7 Jessica Rabbit

  8. 8 Princess Fiona

  9. 9 Cindairella

  10. 10 Roxanne

  11. 11 Bubbles!

  12. 12 Blossom

  13. 13 Buttercup

  14. 14 Shego

  15. 15 Koan, Black Moon Clan.

  16. 16 Betty Boop

  17. 17 Sailor Moon

  18. 18 Princess Eilonwy

  19. 19 Moana

  20. 20 Gamora

  21. 21 Rapunzel

  22. 22 Alice

  23. 23 Starfire

  24. 24 Ariel

  25. 25 Jafar

  26. 26 Mavis Drac

  27. 27 Cruella de Vil

  28. 28 Princess Jasmine

  29. 29 Ursula

  30. 30 Tinker Bell

  31. 31 Mulan


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