This Skeleton’s Instagram Account is The Funniest Thing You Will See Today


Men, women, children, grandparents, pets, everyone is on Instagram these days! Literally, everyone is on Instagram! Take this skeleton for example. He’s doing yoga, checking out Snapchat’s filters, having healthy food, all on Instagram. And if you think that’s funny, then you need to see these photos cause he is the funniest skeleton you will ever come across. 

  1. 1 bae-watch!

  2. 2 Nothing but knee highs. Whoops!

  3. 3 I love my BFF, but she honestly can’t stop taking pictures ALL OF THE TIME.

  4. 4 Gotta get beach ready, amiright?!


  5. 5 I get the hype surrounding the flower crown filter. What’s not to like about a slimmer, more refined face; brighter, shinier eyes; and smoother unblemished skin?

  6. 6 OMG so many shots last night, what did I do?! Other than this guy

  7. 7 Lash game strong today!

  8. 8 Remove your nose rings. Glasses are the new face accessory

  9. 9 Literally wearing a million layers and my blanket as a scarf and I'm still freezing to death in this apartment. Ugh.

  10. 10 Last day by the pool. Soaking it all in

  11. 11 Stocking up on that vegan gluten free kale!

  12. 12 I am dead in my Calvins

  13. 13 Fall is the time for changes...

  14. 14 Hi honeys!! It's sunny and I'm absolutely living for this weather

  15. 15 I prefer celebrating one week after Valentine’s Day to prove that I am not a slave to consumerism. Plus, the discounts are way better.

  16. 16 I believe that grounding and reconnecting with the earth is extremely necessary, but it’s even more effective while wearing a cute bathing suit.

  17. 17 Sunday night with my girls, who’s with me?

  18. 18 Monday aesthetic.

  19. 19 So happy me and the fam got to live our best lives on this weekend!!

  20. 20 WOW - time flies when you're living your best life!!

  21. 21 Cold winter nights are for organic loose-leaf chamomile, taking up journaling and letting your inspirational quote mug guide you towards

  22. 22 New year, new signature cocktail!

  23. 23 Morning yoga with this gal! We are in child's pose, but make no mistake we are NOT children!

  24. 24 Beauty secret: organic papaya face mask and vegan gluten free cucumber slices

  25. 25 Look who's in NYC!!

  26. 26 when I broke the Internet.

  27. 27 Falls asleep at the beach once

  28. 28 Top tip: don’t use Tinder to find a boyfriend. Instead, find a cuddling partner who can keep you warm until the world stops being oh so cold.

  29. 29 An ode to coffee is as cliché as you can get on Instagram, however, I am truly a supporter of the power of caffeine

  30. 30 Park date with my baes! Love when we have quality time!


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