This Russian Cosplayer Can Transform Herself Literally Into Anyone


Cosplaying is a great artistic way for many fandoms around the globe. With this kind of performing arts, people can transform themselves into idols from their favorite comics, shows, books, and movies. Some have incredible skills to recreate better versions than others.

Irina Meier is a Russian model who is seriously awesome at cosplay transformations.  With almost 625K Instagram followers, she’s the rising star among many cosplayers. She is famous for her dazzling adaptations of various favorite characters including Natalie Dormer from the game of thrones and Mera from Aquaman.


There’s literally no character that cosplayer Irina Meier can’t turn herself into. She brings each character to life with stunning realism. Don’t believe us? Well folks, scroll on the list below to see for yourself and enjoy peeps!

More info: Irina Meier

  1. 1 Redhead triss Merigold from witcher 3

  2. 2 Jeanette Voerman from The Masquerade - Bloodlines

  3. 3 Emma frost by marvel comics

  4. 4 Demonhunter from Diablo 3


  5. 5 Redhead triss Merigold from witcher 3

  6. 6 Mera from Aquaman

  7. 7

  8. 8 Kimberly from Kim possible

  9. 9 Lara Croft from tomb raider

  10. 10 If bb8 from star was a cute girl

  11. 11 Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

  12. 12 Velma from Scooby-doo

  13. 13 Misty from pokemon

  14. 14 Lucky Chiloe from takken 7

  15. 15 Catwoman

  16. 16 Queen of ice in Russian style

  17. 17 The Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

  18. 18 An elf fairy

  19. 19 Victorian style steam-girl

  20. 20 Christmas edition Harley Quinn

  21. 21 Olivia Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

  22. 22 The female version of Sasuke from Naruto

  23. 23 Kimberly from Kim Possible.

  24. 24 Rayne from bloodRayne

  25. 25 Cruella from 101 Dalmatians!

  26. 26 Lara Croft from tomb raider


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