This Photoshop Artist Would Fix Your Photos in the Most Humorous Way


We have all had our fair share of bad pictures, which we wish could change through some magic. That magic being Photoshop. Unfortunately, not all people possess this skill; hence they turn to other professionals to help them out.

However, that professional, as good as they may be, might sometimes take your requests too literally. Blend Good Photoshop skills with a mischievous streak, and you can take your pettiness to a whole new level! Just like this Photoshop artist did! Keep on reading and witness the most hilariously edited pictures in response to the people’s request! We promise you won’t regret stumbling over this post!


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  1. 1 Can you make my sister have her teeth showing while smiling!

  2. 2 Can you please make this picture look less awkward and edit out the wet floor sign?

  3. 3 Hi James, I was wondering if you could make it look like I'm not sitting on the edge of the bench? There were several of us sitting down and they stood up but we didn't scoot down!

  4. 4 Can you please edit this picture so my brother and I wear the same t-shirt? Thanks!


  5. 5 Put a bow in my hair please!

  6. 6 I was wondering could u make my arms look bigger in this pictures!

  7. 7 Could you make it look like my boyfriend is actually petting the ducks?

  8. 8 Can you make my top not so revealing and maybe remove the beer in my right hand!

  9. 9 Can you photoshop my ex boyfriend out of this photo?

  10. 10 Could you please remove the bald man's head?

  11. 11 Can you please add ass in this photo?

  12. 12 Could you make it look like something is about to hit me from behind?

  13. 13 Any chance you can give me a mullet? Alrighty Mullet (Fish). LOL!

  14. 14 Could you photoshop my photo so that my friend is not dabbing anymore?

  15. 15 Could you make it look like I'm not sitting on the edge of the bench?

  16. 16 We took this picture in a lot of sunlight and my boyfriend looks like he's crying, can you fix it?

  17. 17 Can you please make me more young?

  18. 18 Can you make it look like the stripped shirt guy isn't staring at the back of my head?

  19. 19 Can you put me somewhere cooler? Perhaps guarding the gates of hell?

  20. 20 Could you please make me real super hero?

  21. 21 Can you put some dinosaurs in this picture?

  22. 22 Can you polish this pic to help me get the ladies?

  23. 23 Do you mind making her dress a little longer? I think it's too short!

  24. 24 Can you make me taller than my dad please?

  25. 25 Can you transfer the girl, on the left's head from the first image to the second image?


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