This Photoshop Artist Would Fix Your Photo in The Most Hilarious Way


We have all had our fair share of bad pictures, which we wish could change through some magic. That magic being Photoshop. Unfortunately, not all people possess this skill; hence they turn to other professionals to help them out.

However, that professional, as good as they may be, might sometimes take your requests too literally. Blend Good Photoshop skills with a mischievous streak, and you can take your pettiness to a whole new level! Just like this Photoshop artist did! Keep on reading and witness the most hilariously edited pictures in response to the people’s request! We promise, you won’t regret stumbling over this post!


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Hey James, can you make it so we are not looking in the same direction?

Hey James my girlfriend forgot to wear shoes in our photo. Could you help?

Can you make me look like I'm part of the frozen movie

Hey can you make me sit on a flying carpet flying over an ocean?

James Fridman

Hey James! Can you make my boyfriend look at me please?

Can u make doing something dangerous? Hilarious Solution! Danger: Gas leak.

Can you make my eyebrows bushy?

Could you please remove the bald man's head?

Could you make the waterfall look bigger or closer please?

Can you please put shades on me, so that l looked fierce?

Can you make my right leg longer? It looks very short

Please make my booty bigger, Kim Kardashian Style...

Can you make this look like we are in more dangerous waters?

Can you please adjust this picture in order to make me look as if l am holding that cliff?

Can you make me iron man?

Can you add a photo of a beautiful woman in the seat next to me?

Hey man! The mirror was kinda dirty when I took this pic. Could you please do something about it?

Hey J. I wanna be a unicorn. Please make me a unicorn

Hey James can u please put a train behind me?

Can you fulfill my dream and photoshop me into space?

Could you photoshop my mum with a handsome guy?

Could you make it look like me and my girlfriend are holding hands?

Can you make it so we don't have same pose??

Hey James can you give me a Kardashian look? Any of them

Can you "shave" my husband??

Will you please turn me into a mermaid?

Would you be able o make the girl second from right off the ground?

Will you make me look like a bad boy?

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