This Photoshop Artist Would Fix Your Photo in the Most Entertaining Way


How many times have we wanted to miraculously fix our photos? Sometimes an annoying photo bomb ruins our perfect photo or sometimes we just have unreal expectations. Either way, these people really had it coming for them as their requirements for the photos were pretty hilarious.
James Fridman is an amazing photoshop artist who takes requests of people and provide them with something which they werent expecting in their wildest dreams. So scroll down below to see what we are talking about.

  1. 1 Can you photoshop me like I m a Harry Potter character?

  2. 2 Can you make me look prettier?(Flawless skin,bluer eyes,etc)

  3. 3 Can you remove the sunburn on my girlfriend and I ?

  4. 4 Can you make the monkey look as happy as her?


  5. 5 Could you do something with the lady in the background?

  6. 6 Could you make me look slightly more awake?

  7. 7 Could you make me look buffer?

  8. 8 Please make stand on Mars and pointing earth.

  9. 9 Could you please give me a beard or something in this picture .

  10. 10 Please can you shop my picture?All my friends say that i have a neck like a giraffe

  11. 11 My dream is to become American celebrity .Can you make my dream come true? I also wanted to go blond.

  12. 12 Can you photoshop me in front of Eyefell tower?

  13. 13 Can you put my hand touching the ship ?

  14. 14 That guy photobombed me, and looking a bit odd you please remove him?

  15. 15 Can you make this fight scene look more epic ?


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