This Photoholic Dad Knows How to Transform a Regular Photo into a Fun Photoshoot


Let’s admit it; we are all pretty much obsessed with babies, aren’t we? And we can multiply that obsession by infinity, in the case of being a parent. Hence, it’s no surprise that a very devoted father turns his kid’s photos into funny masterpieces! Yes, folks! We are talking about John Wilhelm.

He is a Photoholic who loves bringing his fantasy to life with the help of his own images, Photoshop and 3D Software. He is a passionate photographer with his specialization in digital art. He features his beautiful girlfriend Judith and their three little angels Lou, Mila and Yuna in mesmerizing photo manipulations that are shared online on his website and social media where he has gathered more than 124k following from around the globe. John is working as an IT director at a Swiss University.  With his magical skills of Photoshop, he transforms a regular photo into a fun photo-shoot. His work has a surreal appeal that is quite captivating. Scroll on to see some of his best works curated in our list below and enjoy peeps!


You can learn more about his work on the following links: | Facebook | | john_wilhelm_is_a_photoholic



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