This Photographer Takes The Most Fun Family Photos


They say a picture speaks a thousand words. It can preserve memories that span beyond generations. Some even say that, nothing expresses a family’s bond of love better than a carefully crafted photograph. With the right setting, funky outfits and a great Photographer, you can create pictures that will be cherished in your family for generations to come.

A good photographer will capture all your good moments, a great photographer will help you create the right moments to enjoy and cherish over the years to come. Kate Weiland is that great photographer. She's a happy mother of three who started the popular Instagram photography food series our family bites (#ourfamilybites).  Kate has been a teacher of drama and dance for many years so creativity and art come naturally to her.  She has created a variety of fun photographs featuring her family that have been quite popular on social media. 


Here we have a collection of 15 family photographs by Kate Weiland that are clearly no less than a masterpiece. You can learn more about her work at Instagram |

Scroll down to view these amazing and funny family pictures:

  1. 1 Yup - it's true - we're adding blue to the crew!

  2. 2 Really terrifying family

  3. 3 Look who got a chair of his own!!!

  4. 4 Just making some top secret calls to book a flight out of this freezing cold weather so we can eat our friend


  5. 5 How’s the diet going?

  6. 6 True to form - we do diddly-squat on Sundays

  7. 7 Irresponsibly not cleaning up breakfast to take in these boys

  8. 8 Of course the Mom gets the wine

  9. 9 Happy Valentine’s Day

  10. 10 Leggings from one of our faves

  11. 11 I need some nice things in my life

  12. 12 Busy day!

  13. 13 Royal family

  14. 14 Monday Motto: “Amid the ‘noise’, stay Zen AF” “Cool cool

  15. 15 She makes every morning amazing.


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