This Guy Photographs His Everyday Life With Twins And It Is Hilarious


Twins are very rare, which makes them all the more special. So when life gives you twins, you should make the most out of it! Father of twins, also a photographer shares the same thought!

Twins are adorable, cute and funny, but most importantly, they are havoc creators! In a good way of course (and sometimes bad, ask the parents!) Hence photographer and father of twins decided to capture life in a nutshell with his mischievous yet adorable twins. The result? Picture perfect photographs which will make you laugh and say aww at the same time!


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We didn't find a babysitter so we took the kids with us

Another normal day at the wiener house... Parents rest and kids practice

Planning on taking over the world

Don't worry, dad, we can do this


Mommy!!!! Children!!!!

How do you use this weird thing??? We prefer a diaper

When parents play Playstation and the kids clean up

I thought it would be helpful to teach them some wrestling

From an important young age to teach them how to play chess.

Have you seen the cat? No, he ran out on me, too!

When there are twins and want to practice... you need to find creative ways

When you try to close your eyes for a few minutes

Being parent to the twins is not easy... and sometimes reality just looks like this

Laundry with kids

Madness?!? This is Sparta!!!

Mother and father are tired of confusing the identical twins! so they found a way to identify us

I present to you my justice league. In her head wonder woman!!!

Trying to reach the buttons

When mom and dad get involved, which one of the twins is crawling

When you go to travel with the cart and there is no power to push

I gave them an allowance. They took it more seriously than I expected.

Thanksgiving dinner, and me and the boys are in charge of the meat... so let's all have a nice

Mom, did I make a good face poker?

We bought them a bike. How could we have guessed they'd set up a motorcycle gang

Stop it! We're tired of you filming us

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