This Photographer Changed the Meaning of Wedding Photoshoot and Clicked the Funny and Honest Photos


Are you getting hitched anytime soon? Well, forget fairytale portraits and make your wedding pictures a bit more memorable with Ian Weldon who flips traditional wedding photography upside down in favor of fun, hideousness and hushed moments.

Weldon approach is quite different from the rest of the wedding photographers. He takes more candid style photos kind of like documentary photography. Ripped trousers, last-minute preparations, grandmas on the dance floor, unfortunate accidents, he loves to capture the real character of the big day. They all look natural, funny, and a little bit crazy. He’s been a photographer for 15 years but, Weldon enrolled in his first photo class “more to make (him) look cool” than out of serious artistic ambition. Today Ian is invited by people from around the world to capture one of the happiest days of their life.


Scroll on peeps to see some of our favorite photos from Ian’s wedding photography collection and enjoy. We bet you’ll laugh out loud by the end of this postMore info: ianjweldon | martinparrfoundation



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