This Mom Illustrates Differences Between First and Second Kids and It’s Hilarious


If you are a parent with more than one kid, you surely will know the difference between having your first child compared to the second time. Here we have compiled a list of 15 beautiful illustrations made by Weng Chen that will explain these differences to you guys in a hilarious and beautiful manner. 

Weng Chen is an incredible artist, VR game designer and a mom, currently living in the US. Now she focuses on drawing comics titled “Messy Cow” about her daily life raising her two daughters. 

Scroll down guys, and enjoy these cute and hilariously funny, 2d illustrations of the difference between having the first and the second kid by Weng Chen. Don’t miss it guys, its super cute and super funny.


You can see more of Weng Chen’s work on the following links: Website | Tumblr |Twitter | Facebook 



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