This Makeup Artist Uses Her Lips As Canvas to Create Amazing Designs


Jazmina daneil is a beautiful young makeup artist who specializes in Lip Art, She is originally from Sydney, Australia and these days she’s settled in Los Angeles in California.People can do wonders with makeup that is already well known however very few people can be called as true makeup artists, Jazmina daneli is one of those true makeup artists who is loved by her followers on Instagram and twitter due to her amazing lip arts. She creates beautiful pictures of cartoons, colorful designs, famous paintings like Mona Lisa and even amazing movie scenes on her lips.

What’s incredible and unbelievable is the clarity and precision with which she does it. In this post, we have posted pictures of some of our favorite liparts made by Jazmina. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


For more information about her, follow her pages on Instagram and twitter. You can also check her work out on Youtube.



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