This is What Would Happen If You Try To Save Money On a Hotel


If you’ve travelled cheap, you must have experienced the crappy experience provided by hotels that claim to offer low prices. They’ll promise you windows, balconies, swimming pools and gyms, and they’ll be true to that promise too but not in the way you may have expected. A kiddie pool is still a swimming pool, a window facing a brick wall is still a window, and even a single machine in a room is still a gym. It is hilarious how the reality differs from our expectation. 


Listed in this post are 20 hilarious photos of the things found in budget hotels:

  1. 1 Just arrived at my hotel, as if sharing a room wasn't awkward enough...

  2. 2 My hotel tried to fold the towels in a fancy way

  3. 3 They promised me the room will have a window. Well played!

  4. 4 Enjoyed the magnificent views


  5. 5 This hotel service will stay in my memory for years!

  6. 6 This is actually my hotel's sitting area. Not kidding!

  7. 7 My hotel's fire exit looks like this

  8. 8 And know it's bad....

  9. 9 This hotel's room service uses a stolen shopping cart

  10. 10 The hotel's elevator was drunk AF

  11. 11 The hotel claimed they had a "gym"

  12. 12 The breathtaking view from my hotel room

  13. 13 Almost forgot to push the swag switch while leaving my hotel room

  14. 14 My motel had a hotline. Its 2018.

  15. 15 Almost a balcony..

  16. 16 Why wouldn't you want a mural of a pale blonde scalp above you as you sleep?

  17. 17 Hotel bathroom designed by aircraft engineer!

  18. 18 My hotels bed frame is bigger than the mattress!

  19. 19 I think I'll wait till I get home!

  20. 20 I stayed at a hotel in Copenhagen recently, and this was their "Do Not Disturb" sign!

  21. 21 Found this in a hotel I stayed at. Just incase you get hungry while going to the bathroom?


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