This is What Marvel Movie Characters Look Like in Their Original Comics


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a beacon of success in the American box office for more than a decade. Since “Iron Man” first hit theaters in 2008, they offered fans some of the most true-to-source comic book adaptations of superheroes that we received almost every year with every new Marvel movie. But in the course of adapting their comic book properties to film, Marvel has made some pretty big changes to their classic characters and altered them in the transition to the silver screen.


If you are curious to see what Marvel movie characters look like in their original comics’ then scroll on our compiled list below and enjoy peeps. Share this post with other Marvel buffs on your list, they’ll surely love it!

  1. 1 Vision

  2. 2 Hawkeye

  3. 3 Thor

  4. 4 Loki


  5. 5 Black Panther

  6. 6 Ant Man

  7. 7 Ancient One

  8. 8 Scarlet Witch

  9. 9 Iron Man

  10. 10 Captain America

  11. 11 Spider Man

  12. 12 Dr. Strange

  13. 13 Black Widow

  14. 14 Hulk

  15. 15 Thanos

  16. 16 Captain Marvel

  17. 17 Wong

  18. 18 Fury

  19. 19 Rocket Raccoon

  20. 20 War Machine

  21. 21 Gamora

  22. 22 Aunt May

  23. 23 Groot

  24. 24 Deadpool

  25. 25 Heimdall

  26. 26

  27. 27 Bucky Barnes


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