This is What It Would Look Like If the Lead Roles of Famous Movies Were Played by Mr. Bean


Doesn’t the thought of Mr. Bean instantly make you smile? We bet it does!

Remember all those times when his quirky facial expressions and silly antics made us clutch our stomachs and roll over with laughter?


However, it’s not fair that we remember Rowan Atkinson mostly for his Mr. Bean character.  So, we have compiled a list of hilarious photos to check how he might look if he played the lead roles of other famous movies. From the Avengers to black swan, these pics will definitely make you laugh out loud.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 Heard Asgard needs some saving

  2. 2 Presenting an all Bean cast

  3. 3 Dr. Jack Bean

  4. 4 Mutant Bean shall tear you up


  5. 5 The expression says it all

  6. 6 Should have casted him instead

  7. 7 All that he could have "Bean"

  8. 8 Vomit incoming...

  9. 9 Enjoy your stay here

  10. 10 Tomb raider looks a little high

  11. 11 The hero your city deserves

  12. 12 Ryan Gosling won't be too proud of this

  13. 13 I'll give you a show you won't forget

  14. 14 This shall stop the Dark Lord

  15. 15 Turn around Edward!!

  16. 16 Bean wants smash!

  17. 17 Bean Stark has had enough

  18. 18 The face blends in perfectly

  19. 19 Conan the Bean-barian

  20. 20 Bean The Gladiator

  21. 21 The Iron Bean

  22. 22 The favorite child of Hogwarts

  23. 23 He can't be scary whatever he does

  24. 24 Why so serious?

  25. 25 Straight outta Kazakhstan

  26. 26 Right from the Shire

  27. 27 I've had enough of these alien fellas


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