This is What Happens When You Ask a Photoshop Troll For Help (22 Photos)


Whether we like it or not, we have all been guilty of placing a lot of value on appearance. Some enhance their beauty with makeup while others prefer plastic surgery but then there are those lads who go for less drastic ways of changing appearance with Photoshop. Friends if you are one of them – think twice!  Photoshop may sound like a much safer alternative but unfortunately, it’s not!

Take James Fridman for example, a Photoshop wizard known as a wish-granting genie, who gives people some twisted version of exactly what they ask for. He posts the hilarious results on his social media accounts with more than 1.8m followers. His Photoshop trolling has caught the internet in a spin. Scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from his collection and enjoy peeps.


To see more of his work, be sure to check out the following links: | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

  1. 1 No pocket, no problem

  2. 2 You definitely can't see without them

  3. 3 The perfect sign to hold at a public place

  4. 4 We've got a perfect match


  5. 5 Completely under water

  6. 6 Totally grew out of it

  7. 7 Job well done

  8. 8 Limited facial space

  9. 9 Let's put it to better use

  10. 10 Knitting is productive

  11. 11 That's how science works

  12. 12 It works both ways honey

  13. 13 I'll personally help you out with that

  14. 14 Those big enough?

  15. 15 Walmart is just next to the sea

  16. 16 The Eye-fell tower

  17. 17 Safety first

  18. 18 Hanging out with the girls

  19. 19 Is this bad enough?

  20. 20 I hope the highlighter did a fine job now

  21. 21 Will help you in the future

  22. 22 Be sure of the attachment


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