This is What Happen When People With Sense of Humour Use Photoshop (35 Photos)


People who know their way around Photoshop can seriously create almost anything they want.  And if they have a good sense of humor, things get extremely interesting.

We believe a subtle brush of Photoshop magic can add a lot of humor to an existing image. And that’s also the thought of London-based photographer James Popsys, who likes to use Photoshop for adding some contradiction and irony into his photos. Popsys’ work reflects his humorous and quirky personality as he loves to transform the very ordinary into the extraordinary, creating visually hilarious narratives in everyday objects.


From giant hotdogs hanging from the front of a building to a London Underground station sprouting up from the middle of nowhere, his pictures will surely make you laugh out loud. Scroll on to see our compiled photos from James’s collection and enjoy peeps!

More info: Instagram

  1. 1 The summers are here. Why not make some good use of them.

  2. 2 Staying close to nature

  3. 3 The giant Donut

  4. 4 Just like the snowy mountains


  5. 5 Only if this happened

  6. 6 Free runners FTW

  7. 7 The beaching world

  8. 8 When the sun goes down, the candle shall guide you

  9. 9 Aim for the 3 pointer

  10. 10 There's a tube station in Narnia now

  11. 11 Carrying more than we need

  12. 12 You won't slip, you'll drown

  13. 13 When they call it the wheel but don't really mean it

  14. 14 Nature could always help you

  15. 15 Welcome to Hawaii fellas

  16. 16 Ninja Turtle real life edition

  17. 17 You can keep on guessing what it is

  18. 18 Riding on the wind

  19. 19 Swim to the edge of the world

  20. 20 Time for Ben to go to sleep

  21. 21 Construction work ongoing

  22. 22 As they call it, "The Big Apple"

  23. 23 Missing the bull's eye

  24. 24 When you have a flight to catch and you forget your morning coffee

  25. 25 The Aliens might come for a snack

  26. 26 The weather calls for celebrations

  27. 27 Making tea for the whole town

  28. 28 Bending the rules

  29. 29 Alternatives when the sun disappears

  30. 30 Up 2.0

  31. 31 The circle of life

  32. 32 If we don't stop global warming, this might happen soon

  33. 33 At least the hair are protected

  34. 34 It's all dreamy down here

  35. 35 T-Rex swimming academy

  36. 36 Buildings binding people in knots that keep them stuck for years

  37. 37 Routine time check


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