This is What Bored Dads Do


Dads are the fun parents. While mommies take care of our health and well-being, dads make sure that we are having fun and a good time. Most importantly, dads don’t want to get bored watching their babies all day so they make the best of a situation like this. So, let’s see creativity of such dads today. 

  1. 1 How to have fun with your sleeping child

  2. 2 If girls do it, why do not babies?

  3. 3 I left my husband with the baby for ten minutes..

  4. 4 Dad who loves to party!


  5. 5 A bored dad made a fancy cap!

  6. 6 Even bath time is fun with dads!

  7. 7 Did someone order the world's cutest burrito?

  8. 8 This dad seems to have fun with his son

  9. 9 I asked my husband if all was well. That's what he sent me

  10. 10 Dressed up like Joe Rogan.

  11. 11 His evil eyebrows combine perfectly with that cruel face

  12. 12 Small selfie post-bath

  13. 13 Now he look like a gentle man

  14. 14 Dad having fun while moms away.

  15. 15 Dad Left Alone With The Baby

  16. 16 Prince(ss) Elsa and her Troupe

  17. 17 An Impressive Stack

  18. 18 Dad made me a watermelon helmet

  19. 19 When its daddy’s dinner time!

  20. 20 Creative Swinger Dad!


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