This is How Cartoon Network Characters Would Look Like If They Would be Humans


Remember Arnold who was a 4th-grader in a nameless city that resembled Brooklyn, New York? We bet you do! Hey, Arnold was the most popular animated series of 90’s era. Regardless of your opinion on Hey Arnold! Now, no one can deny that the series was a classic.

3D art creator Miguel Vasquez reimagined the infamous football head and other characters of Hey, Arnold as real human beings in the form of 3D drawings. Miguel is quite a talented artist who loves to bring his drawings as close to reality as possible. However, folks! Before you scroll any further a fair warning, the human version of hey, Arnold is pretty terrifying and they will definitely fuel your nightmares *wink* It’s your call peeps, we hope you’ll sleep soundly afterward.


Scroll on to see Miguel’s version of Hey, Arnold listed below and enjoy!

For More Info: marvelous_mikee

  1. 1 If he worked at your nearby store

  2. 2 The hairstyle is on point

  3. 3 Marge's expressions are on point

  4. 4 Homer Simpson


  5. 5 Nigel Thornberry

  6. 6 Arnold and Gerald

  7. 7 Homer and Marge Simpson

  8. 8 Spongebob and Patrick

  9. 9 He would be really scary in real life

  10. 10 Kermit the Frog.

  11. 11 Handsome Thanos.

  12. 12 Billy.

  13. 13 Finn.

  14. 14 Edd From Ed, Edd n Eddy

  15. 15 I'm never saying hi to Eddy if I ever see him

  16. 16 Ed looks exactly like the retard he was

  17. 17 Mr. Burns real

  18. 18 Cookie Monster!

  19. 19 The nose is perfection

  20. 20 Got the hair color right

  21. 21 If Pikachu was found in a jungle near us

  22. 22 Buzz Lightyear From The Toy Story

  23. 23 Jessica Rabbit From Who Framed Roger Rabbit

  24. 24 Old Tweety

  25. 25 Fred From The Flintstones

  26. 26 Bart from The Simpsons

  27. 27 Guess the Dragon Ball character

  28. 28 What happened to the smurfs?


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