This is How Real Pain Looks Like


When we talk about pain, most people assume that it’s physical. But mental pain can be so much worse. Especially if it arises due to little things that could have been done differently. Imagine waking up on the day of your big meeting at work, one that could potentially earn you a promotion, and right before you enter your building someone splashes your new suit with muddy water? Isn’t that pain too? It’s frustrating at the time of the incident, however it becomes a hilarious story once you recall it later. 


Listed in this post are many other such examples of pain being faced by people due to unforeseen events or circumstances:

  1. 1 Didn't realized this knife was this sharp

  2. 2 Eat a bee they said, It will be fun they said

  3. 3 You don't want this to happen on your meeting day

  4. 4 ImageFor those who don’t think it gets cold in Australia, it’s been a little bit nippy recently.


  5. 5 When you buy from stolen money

  6. 6 Just wanted to make a pizza but not burned

  7. 7 When you drop your cellphone

  8. 8 You dont want this to happen on your meeting day

  9. 9 The time when he realized that he shouldn't have went for the nuts

  10. 10 When you choose a wrong tree

  11. 11 Skipping that one step

  12. 12 Oops!

  13. 13 When the temperature is melting hot

  14. 14 When putting a PG necessary sign is not enough

  15. 15 Ordered these awesome shoes, and this is what I got....... Same but Small!

  16. 16 Next time make sure your mobile is not there

  17. 17 The day I learned I was allergic to bees while working as a beekeeper in Italy

  18. 18 When you have to pretend like nothing happened

  19. 19 Speeding while its raining is never a good choice

  20. 20 When you drop your ice cream right after your first bite

  21. 21 Bad Pass

  22. 22 Never take your eyes off the ball

  23. 23 Never experiment with the treadmill

  24. 24 The reason why kids don't trust their parents

  25. 25 Not a good place to eat your ice cream

  26. 26 Why helmets are necessary

  27. 27 When you decide to give yourself a haircut but you end up ruining ti


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