This is How Real Men Cook


Prior to feminism, the only cooking related activity men liked to do was to tell women to “make me a sandwich”. However, times have changed now. And even though most men don’t like to cook, they sometimes don’t have a choice. And when you put in as little effort in your cooking as you do in keeping your girlfriend happy, the results are bound to be ugly. 

  1. 1 Not so brave while cooking!

  2. 2 Safety comes first

  3. 3 This guy really needs a wife!

  4. 4 And they say men can't cook!


  5. 5 Although guys don't know how to cook Spaghetti properly but they do know how to create a bonfire out of it!

  6. 6 Meanwhile in India!

  7. 7 So this is how real men bake!

  8. 8 Guys are little overprotective...!

  9. 9 Armed Chef!

  10. 10 Men take instructions too literally while cooking!

  11. 11 Baking Like a Boss!

  12. 12 It was an accident!

  13. 13 Burned some calories, literally!

  14. 14 Because real men won't cry!

  15. 15 No need to worry, it's just frying.

  16. 16 This poor stove didn't deserve this pasta shower

  17. 17 Men have become very resourceful when it comes to cooking.

  18. 18 Innovation, Creativity and the Gender Gap

  19. 19 Men don't always cook, but when they do the kitchen looks like a disaster!

  20. 20 Guys version of Orange Chicken!


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