This is How Disney Princesses Would Look Like as Todays Modern Teens (26 Photos)


Who else is in love with the Disney princesses and the long-lasting appeal of their styles? Whether they were in their signature ball gown or wearing their casual outfits, their looks were always on fleek. But has anyone ever wondered what they’d look like if they were normal modern day teenagers?

Many artists love to reimagine our lovely Disney princesses. They show how these classic characters would look like if they were modern-day millennials as teenagers.  Turns out our beloved Disney have timeless class; the princesses can pull off any kind of getup. Belle would’ve traded in her color-changing ball gown for an emo look with lots of piercing and tattoos on the go, Snow White would’ve ditched the apple for a smartphone, and Jasmine would’ve been seen rolling in on a skateboard instead of a magic carpet.


So folks, are you curious to see what we’re talking about?  Scroll on to see our compiled list of 26 such photos of Disney princesses as modern teens and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Jasmine is on the roll

  2. 2 Belle in her emo look

  3. 3 Ariel is a metal fan now

  4. 4 Merida knows how to dress for summer

  5. 5 The no filter selfie ft Snow White

  6. 6 Mulan on her way to school

  7. 7 Tiana loves Starbucks

  8. 8 Cinderella finally has both shoes again

  9. 9 Aurora with the pom pom vibe

  10. 10 Elsa's slaying through the winter like a boss

  11. 11 Rapunzel in a different color scheme

  12. 12 Pocahontas is giving us Cheetah print goals

  13. 13 Cinderella making sure she finds the right shoe size

  14. 14 Selfie addict Snow White!

  15. 15 Cinderella is big fan of Dominos

  16. 16 Meet Yoga Jasmine!

  17. 17 Pocahantas! The Coachella girl!!

  18. 18 Belle sipping on cola through the hazy days

  19. 19 Another version of modern teen Ariel!

  20. 20 Meet this summer Belle!

  21. 21 Merida slaying on the beaches of L.A

  22. 22 Elsa and Anna are hotter than summer!

  23. 23 Tiana on her fishing day

  24. 24 Meet modern teen Aurora!

  25. 25 Moana can't help but eat junk food

  26. 26 Belle! One more page before going to bed


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