This Instagrammer Showing What is Having Behind Perfect Social Media Photos


Many of us are guilty of scrolling through the Instagram profiles of all social media influencers and feeling envious of their “perfect” life. But, in reality, the truth is quite different than our expectations.

In the digital age, it’s not uncommon for people to go to great lengths to post the perfect photo on social media. Rianne Meijer, from Amsterdam who is admired by hundreds of thousands of people does what most influencers wouldn’t dream of doing. She proudly shares her unedited photo outtakes with her 397,000 followers, posting them alongside the enhanced version to show that what people see on social media isn’t always realistic.


In a series of side-by-side shots, she shared magazine-worthy poses next to hilariously candid photos in the same outfit. Her photo comparisons prove that the perfection shown on social media is all about finding the perfect angle, great lighting, and choosing the right filter. Scroll down below to see how this influencer got real with the internet and enjoy peeps!

More Info: Rianne Meijer

  1. 1 Taking the wind shots aren't an easy task

  2. 2 Model's day out vs Triple Chins

  3. 3 I woke up like this

  4. 4 What summer heat does to you


  5. 5 Driving to work early morning like

  6. 6 When you like puppies but they don't like you back

  7. 7 The perfect shot vs Wrong timing

  8. 8 Posing vs Reality

  9. 9 Snacking with friends

  10. 10 Don't care about the sun vs The real me

  11. 11 When the pout goes wrong

  12. 12 When you're being playful but the puppy doesn't buy your shit

  13. 13 Snappy eaters vs People that don't like to be snapped while eating

  14. 14 Hiding the expressions vs The real pain

  15. 15 When the smoothies is too icy

  16. 16 Makeup on point vs when you open the front cam accidentally


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