This instagram Account Offers a Glimpse into the Funny Side of Public Transport


We’re all bound to run into some odd people when we use public transportation. Anyone who has traveled regularly knows that you get to see a lot of weirdos as you travel on public transport. People on public transportation are drunks, funny, weird, and often crazy, so much so that it’s almost commendable. That’s why someone even took it upon themselves as a challenge to document all the weird stuff spotted on public transport in a hilarious Instagram account titled Humans of Trūlai (Humans of Trolleybuses).

From extravagant clothing to questionable luggage, this Instagram page offers a glimpse into the funny side of Lithuanian public transport and the results are quite hilarious. The mastermind behind this hilarious project, Rokas Stasevičius got the idea after spotting a drunken man smoking and singing inside a trolleybus during one of his rides. And since then there’s no stopping of all the funny submissions by people around the globe. Scroll on to see our curated list of some of the best ones from this page and enjoy peeps!


More info: humansoftrulai | Facebook



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