10+ Photos of an Elderly Couple That Will Make You Believe In Love


Love transcends time and can live forever in the hearts and memories of its residence. But in today’s time, when love is mean and relationships are disposable, it is rare to see a long-lasting relationship still reflecting nothing but love and adoration for each other. Scroll down if you want to catch a glimpse of the wonderful couple! 

This masterpiece of a photo shoot, was a performance and improvisation on the set. The creator behind this is a Russian photographer, Irina Nedyalkova. This photo shoot took the internet by storm and got an extremely positive response! And why shouldn’t it? It is, after all, the showcase of the purest form of love.


The lucky man and woman are Sergei, who is 45-years-old, and Valentine, who is 62. They created a beautiful love story which made everyone on the set cry and choke on their own emotions. Scroll away and you will thank BemeThis for bringing these pictures to you! Enjoy!



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