This Guy Takes Pictures With Superhero Figurines From the Marvel and DC Comics and the Results are Both Genius and Funny


Are you a fan of Marvel and Justice League superheroes? Have you ever wanted to be a part of these two of the biggest movie franchises? Do you dream of dressing up in spandex and fight evil? We know it may not be possible unless you have some kind of superpowers, of course! But let us tell you this; one Malaysian man has found a way to get as close to his childhood dream as anyone can get.

The 40-year-old toy collector from Perak, Malaysia, Wire Hon has shot creative photos involving his superhero figurines and his family living under the same roof with forced perspective photography to make the action figures look human-sized.  Hon’s added a little twist in his pictures by showing these superheroes doing everyday chores rather their superhero stuff and the results are hilarious!


From Hulk carrying a mattress to Batman mopping the floor, scroll on to see some of our favorite photos from Hon’s collection and enjoy peeps!

To see more of Hon’s work, check out his Instagram profile: wirehon

  1. 1 New addition to the gang

  2. 2 Handing breakfast to the Hulk

  3. 3 Let's do some gardening boys

  4. 4 It's time for some Hulk Smash


  5. 5 Put it over there Thor

  6. 6 All eyes on Agent Romanoff

  7. 7 I washed them for you

  8. 8 The chain of command

  9. 9 Because Deadpool has mad talent

  10. 10 Give me all you got

  11. 11 The power fist

  12. 12 The poser group

  13. 13 Use your powers wisely mate

  14. 14 Here's some drinks to kill the summer heat

  15. 15 When Iron Man met Pikachu

  16. 16 Get it all done iWhere are you hiding?n an hour Mr. Wayne

  17. 17 Where are you hiding?

  18. 18 Everybody gets a spanking

  19. 19 Can you get that for me?

  20. 20 No fighting inside the house

  21. 21 Do we have a competitor?

  22. 22 It's tragic a love story

  23. 23 Let me drop you to work

  24. 24 Who threw it?

  25. 25 Grocery shopping: DONE

  26. 26 Family day out

  27. 27 Stark has the brains. Hulk has the muscle.

  28. 28 We don't ahve all day for this Spidey

  29. 29 The help for Earth has arrived

  30. 30 It's a team job

  31. 31 Love is in the air

  32. 32 I'm not standing in goal again

  33. 33 She's mine!!


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